Film Types and Colours Used In Window and Glass Tinting

The speciality film market is used for multiple purposes be it Tinted Films for Offices, Cars or Hotels, Manifestation Films for privacy screening and decorating and enhancing glass, Reflective Solar Control Films for heat and glare control for comfort and efficiency or Safety Films to minimise bomb damage or impact damage.

Manifestation is a glass treatment that is used for privacy, decoration, safety and to reinforce corporate branding. A cost-effective and flexible alternative to traditional sandblasting and screen printing, glass manifestation films are applied on site by our specialist installers, quickly transforming the look and feel of internal spaces.

We recognise that this form of screening needs to be designed to take account of an organisation’s corporate identity scheme and the numerous effects that can be achieved with manifestation provide unique and highly impactful branding solutions on glass.

Feature glass, within an office environment can sharpen a brand, creating visual impact and well being, yet at a fraction of the cost, Reflective coloured films provide an inexpensive way for architects, designers and fit-out contractors to transform break out areas, meeting rooms and internal office glazing. Numerous studies have shown that when inspirational colours are brought into the workplace it can contribute to a stimulating working environment and create a better more productive workplace. Available in an vibrant range of transparent colours, reflective window films can transform retail, leisure and commercial premises by adding decorative effects and privacy or security screening.

Safety Film

Safety Window Film is used to protect glass which is not made from safety glass. It is a self adhesive transparent film that prevents glass from shattering when it breaks.

Current Building regulations and Health & Safety Legislation calls for glass within certain areas (Critical Locations) to meet a minimum IMPACT safety performance standard. This standard is BS EN 12600.


We supply and fit 100 micron clear standards approved (BS6202 BS6262 EN12600) window film which enhances glass within the workplace and schools to Regulation 14 (regs14) this is recommended by Local Government Authorities to protect the workplace, schools and around the home. The application of this type of window film can slightly improve the inherent strength of the glass to which it is applied, reducing the risk of initial breakage, the real benefit comes from the safety film being able to hold together broken glass fragments.

Solar reflective

Heat reflective window film can be used to control temparature and glare. Home and office environments can both benefit from the reduction of solar heat and glare after applying reflective or non-reflective film. Solar heat gain and glare reduction can show a transformations of up to 78% using solar window film, mirror film and heat reflective window films.

This type of window film are a tried and trusted solution with thousands of businesses across the UK and are used by organizations throughout the world to combat the effects of heat and glare from the sun. Solar film also acts as a daylight privacy film protecting you and your valuables from prying eyes.

How Solar Film Works

The film is a polyester film impregnated with a metal coating - either metalised or sputted process - the mirror film reacts to the strongest light source giving the effect of a reflective mirror or neutral grey look depending on the film type and colour.

From the outside, the treated window, will be seen as a mirror or neutral grey while the inside view out is a slight window tint and visually transparent.

Solar window film is applied to existing glazing to reduce the effect of the sun including heat and glare. Commonly termed mirror film, window tint and window tinting, our window films provide varying degrees of window tinting [effect/s] to glass and thus reduce heat through windows.

Solar, neutral or mirror polyester solar window films are applied internally to glass or glazing.

Solar films are normally used in places where there is a need to reduce heat, glare, add privacy.

Premium solar film also acts as a good privacy film and one way vision film.

Ultra-violet barriers in solar and neutral window films filter up to 99.7% of U.V. transmission protecting goods from rapid deterioration.

Tinted Films

Tint films are non reflective and are available in a wide range of tints, we can supply 5 greys, 3 bronzes plus amber, green, rose and blue - to give the appearance of tinted glass. These are used mainly for aesthetic reasons and to help control glare and UV radiation.

These type of films are particularily useful where there is a need to control light levels for atmospheric effect, eg. in museums or for UV control in light sensitive manufacturing processes. Low sunlight causes problems in offices as the winter solstice begins, make sure you contact us to quote for your tinting to protect your employees.

Whether the glass is broken through impact, building movement, vandalism or weather conditions Safety Films provide a barrier to fragments of glass breaking free thus enhancing employee, worker and child safety. The risk of initial and subsequent injury is dramatically reduced enabling a safe and quick clean up process afterwards.

Recognized as a highly effective method of improving the safety of glass, Safety film is recommended and endorsed by Local Authorities for use by child minders in order to protect children under their care against glass related injury.

Installation includes marking each pane of glass with an approved identifier clearly stating that the combination of glass and film satisfies the requirements of BS6206 - BS EN 12600. This marking includes full details of the material, the safety standard and also the installation company. Film applied to glass WITHOUT the marking, will improve the safety performance of glass but WILL NOT satisfy the definition of a safety material included within current building regulations / health & safety legislation.


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